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Hello Nina

Our beautiful baby girl, Nina Eden Wong, arrived nearly 3 1/2 weeks ago on Wednesday, March 9 and has been such a joy these past couple weeks. After a swift, smooth, and nearly stress-free delivery, Nina has been a super sleepyhead and has actually been giving me some pretty decent nights. In the daytime, she most enjoys laying in my lap to sleep. She’s already been giving us smiles and coos that make her eyes squish up, making her look like Sailor Moon when she smiles.

Big yawn, wearing her big brother's old clothes.

Big yawn, wearing her big brother’s old clothes.


Life looks like this now: Nina in a ring sling while I run after Russell, attempting to put his socks and shoes on with one hand.

Russell and Nina

Russell and Nina

Although I was desperately anxious about how Russell would receive Nina’s arrival, Russell has been surprisingly warm towards his new baby sister, wanting to help carry her (which he can’t do yet) and directing me to pick her up whenever she makes a peep. The trickiest part of the day is when Russell naps but Nina is still awake, and then of course, she sleeps when Russell is awake. So it’s hard to find downtime during the day. But come 8:30 pm, I’m in bed for the night and get my rest then!

Handmade blanket for Nina!

Handmade blanket for Nina!

Yesterday morning, I was so happy to receive a visit from Irene and Katrina, who have been huge supporters of SweetGeorgia and our spinning team for Spinzilla. They presented Nina with the most wonderful blanket that was handmade by nearly twenty spinners and knitters in our community, both here and abroad. Each person contributed a handmade square for the blanket — most were handknit, many were also handspun, and much of the blanket was made from our SweetGeorgia yarn or fibre. And Katrina took on the great task of squaring up and joining all the blocks together, adding on a picot edging of deep magenta handspun yarn as well. LOVE!


The blanket was accompanied by a stash of notes and good wishes from each of the knitters and spinners, welcoming Nina to our family. It is overwhelmingly beautiful — not just the blanket itself, but the sentiments from all these wonderful friends. I will treasure this gift and everyone’s kind words. I look forward to sharing these notes and thoughts with Nina when she is older and can understand all the caring people that welcomed her into the world so warmly.

Thank you to Irene Weisner, Katrina Stewart, Rachel Smith, Charlotte Lee, Laura Baiani, Diana Twiss, Ruth Hawke, Anita Lee, Heather Johnston, Tina Chau, Judy Garren, Deborah Woodcock, Lisa Luft, Valerie Norquay, Greta Cornejo, Lisa Lints, Tracy Frazer, Terry Villeneuve, and Joan Taylor for all your beautiful handmade contributions to this very special blanket!

And I know, I’ve been quite quiet on the blog for some time now. I do attribute it to working on the book, though, since I’ve been taking every “free” minute to tweak what I’ve written and plan the last few photo shoots. The book deadline is coming up within the next 10 days, so I’m hoping that after that, I’ll have more margin to write, make, and show & tell. For now, catch up with my more timely posts on Instagram!


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3 thoughts on “Hello Nina

  1. Alicia Landi says:

    Awww congratulations! Beautiful babies, and what a gorgeous gift.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Ho’omaka’i on this sweet addition to your ohana. Her name is lovely and glad big brother has taken to her well.

  3. Amina says:

    Congratulations Felicia, your husband and Russell. Nina is soo beautiful!!!!!

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