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Kool-Aid Dyeing All Over Again

Way back in 2005, one of my first experiences with dyeing was to dip my toe into the water with a bit of Kool-Aid dyeing. With a couple packets of Kool-Aid, I managed to transform a bit of Corriedale wool roving into some candy colours (by look AND smell) that I could spin up. These days, with baby Nina just turned 4 months and Russell crashing around the house like a monster truck/dinosaur (lethal combo), a little bit of food-safe dyeing in the house is what I can currently handle…

Kool Aid Dyeing

Kool Aid Dyeing

Kool Aid Dyeing

Kool Aid Dyeing

All this Kool-Aid dyeing is with good cause too. I’m experimenting, learning, and trying to go deep into how to do really excellent and interesting dyeing with Kool-Aid colours. After ten years of experience with acid dyeing, I’m going back to Kool-Aid dyeing with a different eye and with more skills. I’m looking at things like depth-of-shade, making stock solutions, dyeing gradients, handpainting with Kool-Aid, and creating gorgeous, complex colours. Sadly, those old Kool-Aid packets of powder are no longer available in Canada, so I’ve had to order a massive case of them off Amazon and I’ll be picking them up in the next week or so. I’m excited about the idea of creating a colour wheel with just Kool-Aid.

This is also in preparation for some dyeing classes that I’ll be teaching at Vogue Knitting LIVE later this year in Minneapolis. I’m teaching two sessions of Kool-Aid dyeing, as well as other classes in acid dyeing for yarn, for fibre, as well as a spinning class (similar to my Craftsy class). If you are interested in the idea of dyeing, but overwhelmed by the supplies or equipment that might be needed, Kool-Aid dyeing is an easy entry point. You can join me this fall at Vogue Knitting LIVE and we can play with colour!


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3 thoughts on “Kool-Aid Dyeing All Over Again

  1. Exactly what I needed to hear! I’ve got a few dyeing experiments in mind, but do not want to dive in with scary/serious acid dyes quite yet.

    1. SweetGeorgia says:

      I know! Acid dyes seem super intimidating… but they are just like Kool-Aid on steroids :)

    2. Any tips/good resources for a beginner? (I do live in the US currently, so may be able to find appropriate Kool-Aid)

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