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Five Patterns for Colour Play

I don’t always know what to write or to say. Sometimes, I don’t even really know what I want to knit. But, one thing that has always come easily, is knowing what colours to use in my projects. I’d wager because it’s almost a way of speaking my emotions. Whether choosing a variegated yarn for a pair of socks or pairing several hues together into palette of perfect harmony, choosing tones to knit with is both exciting and soothing.

Perhaps it’s the same for you! Here are five of our favourite patterns that give you ample opportunity to explore new colour combinations.

Spring with SweetGerogia, Vol. 1. Knitting patterns.

Ceylon by Tabetha Hedrick. © Photography by Tabetha Hedrick/SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2016.

Ceylon – $8 CAD This easy cowl is an alluring mosaic pattern composed of ultra-simple slipped stitches and garter stitch. Long, chic, and a gorgeous fabric to play with colour. Some colourways to consider: Empress and Silver, Rosebud and Birch, or Cherry and Slate.

Eleanor Mitts Knitting Pattern. SweetGeorgia Yarns,

© Josh Yong / SweetGeorgia Yarns. 2015

Eleanor Mitts – $8 These sweet little mittens are the perfect project to test a colour combination! Easy, delicate stitches exude understated elegance, allowing the small details to make a big impact. Colourways to try: Silver and Beach House, Birch and Lavender, Cherry and Cauldron.

pattern_bloodwood-8Bloodwood Cowl – $8 CAD This unisex cowl is a beautiful reflection of the unmarked trails and puddles zig-zagging across the bushlands of Australia. It is also a divine project for playful colourwork! Consider experimenting with: Mint Julep and Apricot, Saffron and Birch, West Wind and Evergreen.

pattern_fleeceflower_s01Fleeceflower Tam & Mitts – $8 CAD This charming set is a stunning picture of summer’s leafy foliage and flowers; a wonderful project to wear in early fall. Change the dramatic feel with these ideas: Candy Floss and Lemon Curd, Oxblood and Basil, Silver and Juicebox.

pattern_resonance-6Resonance Cardi – $9 CAD This lightweight cardi, featuring an open front and easy construction, offers a beautiful way to play with new hues. Imagine Lilac and Silver, Passionfruit and Lemon Curd, or Dutch and Orchid.

What do you think of the colour alternatives I’ve offered? Do you have any ideas to share? I’d love to hear!


About Tabetha Hedrick

Tabetha Hedrick is a knitwear designer and writer raising a family just outside the Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee. As the Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, her days (and heart) are filled to the brim with knitting, art, writing, editing, planning, and finding ways to put it all together. In the midst of that fibre-filled life, you'll find her living simply in the sweet spot where creativity, discovery, parenthood, and life intertwine.

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