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Spinzilla 2016 — registration day and our exclusive colourway “Tea Leaves”

Spinzilla 2016 registration day is upon us! Starting September 1 at 7 am PST, you can register for your team of choice here on the TNNA/Spinzilla website. Of course, we would love for you to join Team SweetGeorgia in October as we spin our hearts out. Just a heads up that last year, all 25 spots on our team filled up within the first hour of registration. So, please be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!

Spinzilla 2016 limited edition colourway, "Tea Leaves"

Spinzilla 2016 limited edition colourway, “Tea Leaves”

For this year’s exclusive Spinzilla colourway, we were inspired by a special tea from Thailand that is called Dok Anchan. This tisane is, interestingly, deep blue in colour but with a few drops of citrus will turn bright pink! It’s a gorgeous and spectacular transition to watch. (You can discover more about this tea here!)


We chose to design one colourway, called “Tea Leaves”, this year and dye it on three spinning fibre bases to show how the different fibres take on colour completely uniquely.

  • SW Merino+Nylon // 85% superwash merino, 15% nylon. This blend is ideal for spinning sock yarns and the fibre takes the colours vibrantly and clearly.
  • BFL+Silk // 75% Bluefaced Leicester, 25% tussah silk. This is one of our favourite blends of wool and silk. BFL is a soft and glossy wool that mixes with silk to produce beautiful yarn.
  • Yak+Silk // 50% Tibetan yak, 50% cultivated silk. Pure luxury! Yak fibre is comparable to cashmere and this blend is remarkably soft and shiny. The yak is naturally a medium brown in colour and gives the entire colourway a warmer, more muted look and feel.

Order your “Tea Leaves” spinning fibre now to get it in time for the start of Spinzilla! I’m looking forward to spinning some of that Yak+Silk on my new-to-me saxony spinning wheel this fall. What will you be spinning for Spinzilla 2016?


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2 thoughts on “Spinzilla 2016 — registration day and our exclusive colourway “Tea Leaves”

  1. Liisa says:

    I just looove that Yak/Silk base in this color. I don’t spin, but almost makes me want to learn so I can have yarn from this to knit with.

  2. Barbara J. Rickman says:

    Why? Why did I see dId I see this NOW!!! I want to get out the credit card but I just….can’t!! {hangs head in abject sorrow}

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