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Make-Along, Warp-A-Lot

My Make-Along progress has been sloooow so far, anybody else? But I have been making plans. That’s what I’ve been making.

Lately, I seem to be consumed by this yellow to purple through orange and fuschia progression. In fact, I realize that I made a quilt for Nina in the same colours, almost exactly. For a couple months now, I’ve been trying to think through weaving a baby wrap in these colours too. I ordered cotton yarn from Brassard… but then was disappointed with the colours. Then I ordered some Bockens yarn online, but was also disappointed with the colours (notice a trend here?), and finally, at Knit City, I made a bee line for Jane Stafford‘s booth and purchased five or six cones of the organic cotton in some gorgeous bright and saturated hues. Together, they make a spectrum that I can work with.

8/2 Cotton for making a graduated warp

8/2 Cotton for making a graduated warp

So the idea here will be to make an ombré warp with all this cotton yarn. Then I’ll dye some 100% spun silk lace to use as weft for the wrap. This is all theoretical, of course. And it works in my brain. We’ll just have to see if it will work in the weaving of it.

Warp chains, waiting to go on the loom

Warp chains, waiting to go on the loom

I tried to test my gradient warping skills with a couple blue and green warp chains. These might become a baby wrap, or they might just become dishtowels. We’ll see.

Mini-skeins of 8/2 cotton, waiting to be dyed in Procion

Mini-skeins of 8/2 cotton, waiting to be dyed in Procion

Finally, I have these mini-skeins of undyed cotton that are thirsty for some colour. I need to get over my mental hurdle that Procion dyeing is going to be messy and just do it.

How are you all doing with your Make-Along progress?


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