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Penna by Mone Dräger

Penna by Mone Drager. Fall with SweetGeorgia knitting pattern.

I find it intriguing how solid structures such as the Eiffel Tower have an open and light appearance and I wanted to create that effect with my design. The mix of different yarn weights and fibres in this pattern are even more deeply accentuated in their pairing because of the elongated stitches.

Discover the enchantment of texture with this unique combination of yarns, Merino Silk Fine and Silk Mist, in an ultra-luxurious triangular shawl. A tiny raindrop pattern blends with elongated stitches, forming a stunning palette of balance and beauty.

Penna by Mone Drager. Fall with SweetGeorgia knitting pattern. Penna by Mone Drager. Fall with SweetGeorgia knitting pattern.
Mone’s Tip for Knitting Penna

The pattern sections are repeated and can easily be worked to different widths, so that each knitter achieves their own personalized look. Simply change the number of rows worked in the Raindrop sections. Also, when working the elongated stitches, make sure you drop all of the additional wraps so you don’t end up with extra stitches.

Penna by Mone Drager. Fall with SweetGeorgia knitting pattern.
Behind the Brilliance: Mone’s Five Faves
  • Fave way to spend the evening after work: When the days get shorter and the weather colder, I enjoy spending my evening cuddled up on the sofa, listening to an audio book, knitting away on my bigger projects such as blankets that are not very suitable to carry around with me.
  • Fave yarn weight: Fingering weight yarn. I love to knit accessories and a thinner weight yarn gives me the opportunity to use challenging stitch patterns in small sized projects.
  • Fave guilty pleasure: Apart from new yarn purchases (despite the fact that I do have an extensive stash), it is playing arcade games to relax. Even funnier when it is games with a relation to my fibre hobbies.
  • Fave fall colours: Greens in all shades. It is amazing how many there are to be seen in nature. Though I do like a bright pumpkin orange for socks.
  • Fave thing to wear in the fall: Fingerless mitts, to have my fingers free to do the bits and pieces there are to do to get our garden winterized. Shaws or shawlettes, because they not only keep me warm but are a fashionable accessory.
Colour Options to Try

These are some other colours options that we think you might love, too!

Penna by Mone Drager. Fall with SweetGeorgia knitting pattern.

Penna is available via our website or Ravelry. Keep up with Mone at her website


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