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Spinning from the Fold

Spinning from the fold

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Feeling encouraged and energized by my chat with Kim Werker yesterday for the podcast (episode coming up in two weeks!), I decided to plunge ahead and make this video that I’ve been meaning to do forever. It’s all about spinning from the fold.

I’m spinning the September 2016 Club fibre which is a very slippery yak+silk fibre. Rachel warned me that it would be a little more challenging to spin, especially if I wanted to get it spun quickly for Spinzilla. But the fibre and colour is just so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.

So, I recording this video today so that you can see how I’m spinning this lovely yak+silk and perhaps it might help you too, if you are finding it challenging to spin a slippery fibre. Let me know what you think!

Happy Spinzilla!


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