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Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2

Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2. Knitting accessory patterns.

Winter peeks her quiet face around the corner, signaling the heartening need for warmth, coziness, and community. Her cold presence lingering outside is exactly the inspiration I yearn for and I find myself immersed in the creative outlet of crafting small gifts for those I love. It’s simple, peaceful, and wholly renewing to sink into the colourful delights of yarn. Stitch by stitch, love, generosity, and goodness guide and envelope me. Pair this with the gentle sentiments of the season, like sweet goods in the oven, twinkling lights, and crisp cold reddening my cheeks, and I am both soothed and delighted.


We are thrilled to present this six-piece accessory collection, Holidays with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2. These gorgeous little accessories knit up quickly and are perfect for gift-giving. With each joyful stitch, each simple act of “making,” we hope that you are warmed and comforted as winter carries on outside. All of the patterns and eBook are available in our store and on Ravelry. Take a moment to flip through the pages of our Lookbook and let us know what you wish for this holiday season!


About Tabetha Hedrick

Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And that joy is ever so easy to find when immersed in the world of fibre! When not knitting, writing, editing, or researching, she fills the time raising two girls, two dogs, and one husband in Tennessee.

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