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Make-Along, Pushing Past

The Make-Along is going strong, still. How is your progress? These warp chains have finally been wound and are being put on the big Spring loom now.

It’s funny how I’ve been meaning to work on this for weeks and weeks now, but it take the lingering pressure of the Make-Along to really push me along and get me to commit the time to working on the project. The idea that it’s going to take so much time is my mental obstacle. And honestly, it’s not even a ton of time. I think I managed to wind 4 warp chains (each one is 72 ends of three colours, approximately 7 yards long) in about an hour. Not super fast, of course, but not depressingly unproductive, either. The total for the project here is 10 bundles of 72 ends each, featuring a colour progression between 12 different cones of 8/2 cotton. It will eventually be sett at 22 ends per inch and I’ll weave a plain weave fabric with a 100% Spun Silk Lace yarn that I’m going to be hand-dyeing.

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: lease sticks maintaining the cross

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: the golden tones

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: the purples

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: coral reds

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: can’t get enough

8/2 Cotton Warp

8/2 Cotton Warp: yummy, warm, autumn hues

Honestly, I can’t get enough of these hues. The warm autumn colours mixed with the vibrant and plummy purples. As I was lining the warp chains up to take photos this past Sunday, my nearly-three-year-old son, Russell kept muttering to me “mama, it’s so beautiful, it’s all so beautiful!” and it just made my heart melt.

Hope your Make-Along is pushing you past your mental obstacles too! Keep going!


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3 thoughts on “Make-Along, Pushing Past

  1. ccr in MA says:

    Well, and he’s right, those colors are glorious!

  2. Alice says:

    Where can I get some cotton yarn like this??

    1. SweetGeorgia says:

      Oh yes, this is 8/2 cotton and I bought mine from Jane Stafford Textiles (https://janestaffordtextiles.com/shop/) and Penelope Fibre Arts (https://www.penelopefibrearts.com/)

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