Knittting up “Broken Circus” Sock Club // February 2017

After the intense self-challenge of January’s Sock Club, I decided to do something simple. It was great to be challenged, but rest is also very crucial to me. In order to keep knitting as my sanctuary, I knew I better than to do any more math in February.

The special club colour of February: Broken Circus, turned out just right for a simple project I had in mind a little while ago. The pattern I chose was Amplify Shawl from Felicia’s new book, Dyeing to Spin & Knit. It is a triangular shawl alternating two patterns: a garter stitch patter and a super fundamental lace pattern, which starts from one end and slowly increases to the other.


What I enjoyed the most while knitting this shawl was to watch the quick and abrupt changes of colours. The patterns itself was so simple to remember, and all I did was being excited at each colour splashes passing through my needles. Even if I went over a few rows, this simple pattern was too forgiving that I could easily continue on without frogging.

I worked the pattern until the whole skein ran out, and then decided to finish the edge with some of my leftover yarns. Because Silk Crush is a heavier fingering weight yarn, I matched it with leftover Superwash Sport in colourways Birch and Cocoa. The final border was such a nice finishing touch. I was so happy that the randomness of this colourway added so much life and movement to the pattern, and then had a clear border to call it a stop. [Find Charlotte’s Amplify Shawl project here on Ravelry]

Hope you all enjoy this month’s colourway and yarn as much as I do!


About Charlotte Lee

Charlotte was born in Taiwan. She came to Vancouver to study at the age of 15, and graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2014. Ever since she attended a four-session crochet class in grade 9, she started her journey into the world of fibre. She is passionate in almost all kinds of fibre arts: from crocheting, knitting, to needle felting, to spinning and weaving! Initially, she was hired to be a precision dyer, but today Charlotte is the Assistant Production Manager at SweetGeorgia.

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