Reveal: February 2017 Club Colourway // Broken Circus

Our monthly Club is an opportunity for us to explore new dye techniques, different colour combinations, and unique textures to express what we are thinking and feeling right now. I hope this month’s colour and yarn brings you some inspiration.

Colour // Broken Circus, by Felicia Lo

Last month, my family and I travelled to New York City so that I could fulfill a bucket list item of teaching at Vogue Knitting Live. Sometime during that trip, we heard the news that the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus would close. After 146 years of operation, this iconic circus would perform its last show in May 2017.

Compared to all the other intense world events and unbelievable news of this past month, I wonder why this seemingly trivial circus story still haunts the back of my mind. Perhaps it’s indicative of an end of an era. After generations of enjoyment, it has lost it’s thrill and instead we are seeking out other sources of spectacle. Where will our future selves find wonder, excitement, and amazement?

Broken Circus is a chaotic smattering of rich colours that were. They are shadows of vibrant hues, shot through with brilliant light. It feels a little bit wistful and a little bit vintage, but I hope you find it beautiful in its broken-looking state.

— Felicia Lo, founder + creative director (Instagram @felicialowong and @sweetgeorgia)

Yarn // Silk Crush

20170131-Broken Circus WEB-05

Silk Crush is our 50/50 Superwash Merino and Silk blend in a 2-ply fingering weight. The combination of the pearl-like twist and the glittery silk content gives the skein a rustic or “crunchy” look, but once it’s knit up, it just drapes and shines like nothing else. Silk Crush is ideal knit up on larger needles for small sock-yarn shawl designs. Despite the fact that the yarn is machine washable, we always recommend that you hand wash your precious handknitted items. It just helps preserve the shine and integrity of the yarns and your knitting.

Fibre // BFL+Silk

20170131-Broken Circus WEB-01

BFL+Silk is one of my absolute favourite fibre blends! It is a beautifully lustrous and luxurious blend of 75% Bluefaced Leicester wool and glittery 25% Tussah Silk. While BFL is soft and glossy on its own, it’s generally considered a longer-stapled wool which can lend to feeling coarser (than fibres like Merino or Polwarth). The raw silk in this blend adds to the softness and shine making this an indulgence to spin.

Interested in seeing what some of our Club members are making with their yarn and fibre? Check out posts by Rachel, Katrina, and Charlotte to see what they are spinning and knitting up with each monthly installment!

Each month, we dye a brand new, unique colourway for our Spinning Fibre and Sock Yarn Clubs. This post is all about what we sent out to our members in February 2017.


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