Sea Thistle by Fiona Ellis

I love that it is a combo of easy to knit stockinette and the fun drop stitch patterning. Plus you have to get to the end of the drop stitch pattern before you can really see what it’s going to look like…dropping the stitches from the needle and letting them ladder down is a fun surprise once you have finished that section.

Combining soft Stockinette stitch with a fun dropped-stitch technique, Sea Thistle by Fiona Ellis, a feminine, slightly-fitted tunic, is wonderfully elegant, while deliciously casual. Worked up in our lofty Superwash DK, knitters of every style will delight in the unique open-work leaf pattern at the yoke and cuffs and a gentle boat neckline.

Fiona’s Top Tip

Check before letting the stitches ladder down that you are indeed dropping the correct ones. Placing stitch markers when the pattern is established can help with this.

Behind the Brilliance: Fiona’s Spring Things
  1. What is your favourite colour in the SweetGeorgia colour lineup? I’m totally in love with the new Acai.
  2. What is your favourite guilty pleasure? Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? I do have a bit of a shoe, especially Fluevogs, habit.
  3. What is your favorite spring flower? Peonies.
  4. What is your favorite spring accessory? Do I have to choose between bag or sandles???
  5. What is your favorite beverage? Coffee in the morning, gin & tonic in the evening, dharling.
Colour Options to Try

We are inspired by the muted, soft palette of the real Sea Thistle plant and love the colour variations to try.

Sea Thistle is available as an individual pattern or in the Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2 eBook both on our website and on Ravelry. And be sure to visit Fiona’s website for more information on her amazing work: fionaellisonline.com


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