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Spring Colours, New Plans, and a Survey

Anthem on Tough Love Sock

Spring, oh vibrant spring is here. Where new and fresh things are pushing forward and coming to life. Since my book has come out into the wild and we even had a launch party for it last Friday, I’m feeling somewhat elated and free. It’s like I’ve been holding my breath for 18 months and I can finally let it go. And the day before the launch party, we celebrated Nina’s first birthday with a little tiny bowl of pasta for her, wearing a fluffy and cute pink dress that Teresa had given her. We made sure that no pasta landed on the dress, for sure.

Little Nina Eden on her first birthday. Can't believe she's a year old already. Thank you Teresa for the party dress!

Little Nina Eden on her first birthday. Can’t believe she’s a year old already. Thank you Teresa for the party dress!

Despite the busyness of these past several weeks, I’ve been feeling very excited about doing some new things specifically and completely for SweetGeorgia. Not the book, not the baby, but SweetGeorgia and the work we do here around creating hand-crafted colour to bring joy, comfort, healing and transformation to others. The feeling is at once scary but also invigorating. It’s exactly what spring feels like… invigorating.

Spring Colourways

First, let me share with you the new colourways for Spring 2017 that we designed over the past many months.

Finding our inspiration in the subtle, muted hues and notes of tea time. The faint floral aroma of delicate teas brewing alongside sweet pastries. Contrasted with a new smattering of painterly colourways that embue excitement and energy in each skein. We had five colourways (Jasmine, Lady Grey, London Fog, Strawberry Tea, and Biscuit) that are all inspired by high tea. The quietness and stillness of it. And the contrast is the five new intensely splattered colourways — Mango Ice, Fauna, Anthem, Windswept, and Seedling. These feel fresh and alive like never before and I am indulgently enjoying each stitch as I knit it all up into my Find Your Fade shawl.

We also added back a couple of colourways that came originally with the Club or were included in my book — Modern Mandarin, Cherry Blossom, and Blueberry Jam. And finally, we added Acai which is a beautiful medium red-purple hue that replaces our super old Boysenberry colourway. Acai is more pure and more clear in chroma and works up into a beautifully wearable plummy purple.

Spring Survey

Each time I’ve made a change or been at the precipice of starting something new or different, I’ve always asked you — our readers, our customers, our fans, our followers, and our friends — for your thoughts and feedback. And when I look back, it’s been nearly two years since I connected with you about this topic. So, it’s spring cleaning time. Time to start fresh with those new ideas.

I am seeking your thoughts and feedback about the media that I’ve been making this past while — the podcast, the blog, and those things that have yet to be created. In appreciation for your precious five minutes, I would like to offer you $5 off anything you like in our SweetGeorgia shop. Upon submitting your survey response, you’ll be presented with a coupon code for $5 which you can use in our shop.

If you are interested in sounding off to me about the podcast, this blog, our Instagram feed, or anything else you can think of…

Please find our survey here »

Thank you so much, in advance, for your time and feedback! It is tremendously helpful in letting us know how SweetGeorgia can bring more joy to your craft and your life.


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