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Angi by Francoise Danoy

My favourite element of the design is how easy the stitch pattern for the body can be to memorize. That makes it convenient to take as an “on-the-go” project. By the end, though, there’s a nice change of pace with the lace border.

The name for Angi (from the charming Francoise Danoy) comes from the Maori word for “air”, representing the airy lace stitches featured. Worked up in CashSilk Lace, the results are light as a feather with a drape that flows like water. Knitters of every level will delight in this elegant, yet playful shawl. (PS – You can also find Angi as a complete kit, removing all guesswork).

Francoise’s Top Tip

If you’ve never done a garter tab cast-on before, visit this link:

Behind the Brilliance: Francoise’s Spring Things
  1. Favourite colour from SweetGeorgia: Goldmine
  2. Favourite guilty pleasure: My favourite guilty pleasure… re-watching my favourite cartoons from my childhood. Such nostalgia, even if they haven’t aged well!
Colour Options to Try

We thought it’d be fun to experiment with some unusual combinations of bright and jewel tones. What do you think?

Angi is available as an individual pattern or in the Spring with SweetGeorgia, Vol. 2 eBook both on our website and on Ravelry. Follow Francoise to see all the fun she is up to:


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