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Into the Blue by Fatimah Hinds

Lady-like lace, reminiscent of an easy flow down the river, meanders from the cuff down on these Into the Blue Socks from Fatimah Hinds. Our Party of Five set, just as enchanting as waterfalls, blends beautifully, promising an engaging knit from start to finish.

They’re knit from the top down, but feature a unique Short Row heel method that allows the colours to remain uninterrupted without a traditional flap getting in the way.

The sample socks were worked using the following colour sequence: Frostbite (Colour 1), Chill (Colour 2), Breeze (Colour 3), Bluebird (Colour 4), Sapphire (Colour 5).

However, maybe you want to experiment with your colours a little differently? You could easily reverse the colours from darkest to lightest instead –

Or perhaps you want to be a little bolder and work a more radial gradient (lightest colours on the outside and moving to the darkest colour inside) –

Or possibly, you just want to let intuition choose a random placement of the colours –

Something else to consider would be a more gradual gradient, where you work one round in the darkest colour and then one round in the next darkest colour, repeating until you are ready to change to the next colour set.

What do you think? What Party of Five Set do you want to try? This new sock knitting pattern, Into the Blue, is available now from our website HERE and on Ravelry. When you knit Into the Blue, show off your colours on social media with the hasthag #sweetgeorgiayarns so we can see!


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