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Handpicked Colours for the Joji Mystery Wrap KAL

This week on the Q&A episode of the podcast, one of the questions was what I cherish most about the podcast conversations and ultimately, it’s been about the chance to connect with wonderful people in this knitting community that I otherwise would be too shy to chat with. One of these truly warm and wonderful people was Joji Locatelli. Back in February, I had the great opportunity to interview Joji for the show and after the official show we continued to chat and she mentioned that she would be traveling to the Pacific Northwest with Veera Välimäki to teach in March. She said they were interested in doing a little visit to Vancouver and wanted to come see our dye studio as well. Amazing, right?

So last month, this happened…

Joji and Veera visit Felicia and the team at SweetGeorgia

Joji and Veera visit Felicia and the team at SweetGeorgia

Joji and Veera came to visit SweetGeorgia and Amanda and Fiona from Knit Social came out to meet us too. I met Joji’s lovely friend Carson as well and we all went to lunch at Edible on Granville Island, meeting up with Alexa from Tin Can Knits too. It was a relaxed day of knitting and chatting, and it’s when Joji mentioned that she was planning a Mystery KAL project too… and now, KAL sign up time is here!

You can check out the project details here on Ravelry. The shawl uses FIVE full skeins of fingering weight yarn and I’ve even hand-picked some colour sets for you in case you are looking for some colour inspiration!

Mystery Wrap Colour Sets

All of these colour sets are designed to work with Joji’s initial colour notes. One variegated, one almost white, one almost black, and two accent colours. And since we so enjoyed Joji and Veera’s visit to Vancouver, I decided to name each of the colour palettes after our favourite neighbourhoods in and around Vancouver.

Each of the colour sets uses one of our new Spring splash-dyed colourways: Anthem, Fauna, Mango Ice, Seedling, and Windswept… and also my old personal favourite, Smitten.

Also, if it makes it easier, I chose the colours for the “Granville Island” set to closely match Joji’s sample wrap.

You can find all our hand-picked colour sets here in the shop or choose your own palette of five colours! We’ve even given the yarn sets a special price until the end of May!

Many of the gals at the studio have signed up to knit with the KAL… Misty’s already picked her colours, Tabetha’s thinking about it, Teresa signed up yesterday, Charlotte is searching her stash for yarn, and I’m picking my colours out now too. Tangerine is in the mix! Can’t wait to see what you choose!


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