First Time In A Long Time

You might remember my challenge last month: the self-care pact we made together? How’d you follow through? Me? I took it very seriously, knitting only for myself on the weekends (and I finished a pair of socks!), spending evenings reading, and one glorious day browsing the aisles of the library, sipping lattes, and tinkering with a new novel idea. I also carved out time for a luxurious bath when the husband took the kids to a movie and really let myself savor some quality time with the kiddos. It wasn’t easy letting go of self-induced guilt at first, but by the end of the month, it became the easiest thing in the world to shut the door to my room and let the kids/husband/pets/house sort themselves out! Looking ahead to May, I’m stepping out just a little bit more to try things that I haven’t done in a long, LONG time.

Time with the kidlets


Point Grey: Anthem, Birch, Acai, Charcoal, Glacier (Joji Mystery Wrap Yarn Set)

Point Grey: Anthem, Birch, Acai, Charcoal, Glacier (Joji Mystery Wrap Yarn Set)

Like knitting a pattern from someone else for myself. You might have heard about Joji Locatelli’s upcoming Mystery Knit-Along? The whole gang here at SweetGeorgia has been sucked right into the excitement and we’ve all signed up to knit the mystery! I’ve picked out the Point Grey set and am soooo excited to get started that I just had to use one of my new stickers (the knitting work-in-progress set from Symposi Press) in my calendar to mark the occasion. I may be focused on self-care and slowing down, but you can’t take the planner out of the girl. Grin!

You might also have seen the “Pie Class” on the calendar? It’s been a long-standing curse for all the women in my family that we make the worst pie crust in the world. Seriously. But, a local pie shop in my quaint little town has offered to help me break the curse, so I’m trying something completely new and I could not be more excited. Imagine it – for the first time, my family line could make a pie crust that delights. I’ll update you on this saga next month! Haha!

This idea of slowing down, simplicity, and gentleness really came together for another first I haven’t done in a while – a small knitting collection of my very own. The idea behind it comes from something else that makes us pause, inhaling the moment. Tell me if you can discern the theme from some of these taglines:

  • a simply sweet tea with notes of lace
  • a perfectly blended biased stole
  • a fresh, zesty toque
  • a classic cardigan; bright & lacey

This charmingly simple new collection will debut this month, so keep a look out for more on that!

What sort of new things have you been wanting to try or get back to? Perhaps this month is the month for you to do it!


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Tabetha Hedrick is a knitwear designer and writer raising a family just outside the Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee. As the Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, her days (and heart) are filled to the brim with knitting, art, writing, editing, planning, and finding ways to put it all together. In the midst of that fibre-filled life, you'll find her living simply in the sweet spot where creativity, discovery, parenthood, and life intertwine.

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