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May 2017 Fibre Club // Unicorn Frap

I loved Felicia’s description of this month’s colourway “Unicorn Frap”. Whimsical, magical and beautiful all in one lovely bundle of 80% Merino & 20% Tussah Silk fibre. I quickly decided that I would split the braid once in half lengthwise and then I divided each of those chunks into tinier strips. In the end, I had a bundle of 18 little nests, which I chose at random when I was spinning.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

This month, I spun club on my Schacht Sidekick at a ratio of 8:1, with a wraps per inch of about 60. One of the things I love about my Sidekick is how portable it is. I was super excited to be able to take it camping with me over the May Long weekend! I loved sitting at my wheel, while watching the sun glint off the lake and listening to the birds sing. And for those of you who are curious, I do take my shoes off to spin when I’m outside :)

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I think the open design of the Akerworks bobbins is awesome, especially because of how cool your yarn looks when you look at the bottom of the bobbin!

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I chain plyed my singles, but didn’t worry too much about keeping the colours 100% together, which created some beautiful barber polling. The result is 515 yards of fingering weight yarn and since it just came off the wheel last night, all I have is pre-bath photos of the finished yarn. The yarn is currently drying and I’m looking forward to seeing how much it puffs up. I find it intriguing to see the effect of crimp on a finished yarn and the bloom that happens when washing and finishing.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I love how the colours work together and I’m excited to see how it knits up!

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

Have you dived into May club yet? How did you decide to spin it? Please share over on the Ravelry group or on Instagram and tag your projects #sgyclub and #sweetgeorgiayarns.
Until next time – happy spinning! ~Katrina


About Katrina

Katrina, a professional photographer by trade, has had an obsession with fibre all her life. She learned to knit and crochet as a child, but her passion was truly ignited when she learned to spin in 2014. She loves the thought that every individual who looks at a braid of fibre or runs their fingers over a skein of yarn will create their own unique functional piece of art. Something to be enjoyed for years to come. You can find her on Instagram as @craftyjaks or on Ravelry as CraftyJAKs.

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