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Reveal: May 2017 Club Colourway // Unicorn Frap

Our monthly Club is an opportunity for us to explore new dye techniques, different colour combinations, and unique textures to express what we are thinking and feeling right now. This month’s colourway is just a fun way to enter into the Spring season:

Colour // Unicorn Frap, by Felicia Lo

Just last month, Starbucks created a special frappucino drink that was a colour-shifting, flavour-changing, fruity and slushy drink. Tasting like a mango creamsicle with a streak of sour candy flavouring, it was pink and purple, with a shot of turquoise blue, with whipping cream on top AND a splash of sweet and sour sprinkles. It was meant to be a drink that was available for a fleeting five days only, but was completely sold out within the first day. How could this concoction not be intriguing, if not inspiring?!

Ephemeral, elusive and magical… Unicorn Frap is easily all my favourite hues rolled into one. The grape crush purples, berry pinks, and aqua blues… they are vivid, tart, and pure fun. It’s the opposite of all that is serious and dire, stressful or sedate. I can’t think of anything else but pure, relaxed, easy fun. And who doesn’t need a little more fun and magic in their lives? Hope you are having a sweet and joyful start to spring!

— Felicia Lo, founder + creative director(Instagram @felicialowong and @sweetgeorgia)

Yarn // Bulletproof Sock

May 2017 SweetGeorgia Club Colourway // Unicorn Frap // on Bulletproof Sock knitting yarn

Our Bulletproof Sock is designed to make beautifully smooth and strong socks and is blended from 50% superwash merino, 15% silk, 15% mohair, and 20% nylon. Slightly finer than our Tough Love Sock, Bulletproof Sock knits up at a gauge of approximately 8 sts per inch on 2.25 mm (US 1) needles. Each skein of 3-ply light fingering weight yarn has approximately 437 yards (400 m) per 3.5 oz (100g).

Fibre // Merino + Tussah

May 2017 SweetGeorgia Club Colourway // Unicorn Frap // on Merino+Tussah spinning fibre

Merino+Tussah is a beautiful blend of 80% soft merino wool and 20% tussah silk. The light addition of silk brings a gentle luminous quality to the fibre blend.

Since the process of dyeing fibre can compact and compress the fibres together, you might find that the fibre feels a little more dense than you might be used to with a superwash fibre. Simply loosen up the fibres prior to spinning by pre-drafting a little or splitting it up lengthwise. It will make the spinning go by so much quicker!

Interested in seeing what some of our Club members are making with their yarn and fibre? Check out posts by Rachel, Katrina, and Charlotte to see what they are spinning and knitting up with each monthly installment!

Each month, we dye a brand new, unique colourway for our Spinning Fibre and Sock Yarn Clubs. This post is all about what we sent out to our members in May 2017.


About Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver, youtuber + author // been writing this blog about colour and craft since 2004 // see what I am making @lomeetsloom and @sweetgeorgia.

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2 thoughts on “Reveal: May 2017 Club Colourway // Unicorn Frap

  1. Carol Smith says:

    I wish I could buy this colourway… it’s all of my favourites colours in one place.

    1. SweetGeorgia says:

      Aww, thank you Carol! I love this colourway too! Maybe one day we will add it to our main collection :) We keep our Club colourways exclusive for one year before bringing them on :)

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