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June Fibre Club // Glamping

After receiving the club this month, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Felicia has written about spinning the fibre as it came and letting it become something that would highlight the characteristics about Polwarth and Silk that we all love – the bounce, puff and sproing.

But as I was contemplating what to do with the colours, my mind was blank. I just couldn’t decide. I knew I wanted to make a 2 ply yarn because I absolutely love Polwarth left as a 2-ply. I don’t tend to use Polwarth for socks because of the care needed to keep them looking their prettiest. That said, I was tempted to spin for socks with this colourway – blending all those colours in a colour-twisted 3 ply would be amazing!

Eventually, I settled on spinning a 2-ply that featured lots of colour-twisting (or barber pole). I striped the fibre 12 times in preparation for spinning.

I love the effect of colour twisting when the colours are a pleasing palette next to one another. I spread out the fibre, after unbraiding it, and folded it back on itself to see the effect a centre-pull 2-ply would have on the colours. I loved the effect of the green twisting with the blues and purples. With plenty of greys and creams in the yarn, I knew it would add interest and depth. Based on my folding experiment, I knew some of the colours, like the blue, would match up with itself multiple times so that the entire skein wouldn’t be colour twisted.

I’m excited to see this in a garter shawl or a pair of fingerless mitts. I think the colour-twisting will create speckles of colour in the yarn with a gentle striping effect. The fabric will be bouncy and soft with a bit of sheen from the silk. There’s really no downside to this gorgeous month – I just want to knit it up this moment!

Months like this one really remind me of the wonderful way of spinning that I did when I was first starting — looking at a braid of fibre for the first time, breaking it down and spinning it without too much forethought. I loved the simplicity of spinning just to see what would happen with the colours without analyzing too deeply about whether I would like the end results or not. This skein is a perfect example of lovely colours that are going to look stunning no matter now it has been spun, which is very freeing! I hope you will enjoy spinning up your own Glamping and just having fun with it!

Have you dived into June club yet? How did you decide to spin it? Please share over on the Ravelry group or on Instagram and tag your projects #sgyclub and #sweetgeorgiayarns.

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