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If you know me at all, then you know my ridiculous passion for lists (it is truly a ridiculous obsession). And the best part of making a list is the “crossing it off” part! When my pen scrapes across a project task, boldly striking through the letters like a man diving headlong into battle, I celebrate a little inside. In fact, there might literally be a party going on in my head, as the heart thumps with a proud sense of accomplishment (ahem … I did warn you about the “ridiculous” part. Haha!).

One such task? Joji’s Starting Point Mystery Knitalong (I shared the cast-on with you last month)! I didn’t finish before the end of the KAL, but to be fair, I did have about 4 other projects with their own deadlines. I could not be more pleased with the way the colours work together in such bright joy. What do you think?

The other tasks all crossed off were to get ready for our annual trade show: TNNA or The National NeedleArts Association. To get ready, I had mood boards to finish, patterns to finalize, samples to tag, and wardrobes to configure. I joined Felicia, Teresa, and Misty in Columbus, OH for 4.5 days where we met so many people, ate such good food, and worked long hours talking about the love of yarn. The trade show was wonderfully busy and successful, with appointments booked all day long every day, but we still managed to find time for a bit of team building conversations and pictures – here’s a brief recap in picture form:

booth panorama

Side corner of our booth (that’s Misty over the shelf, bent over to sort colour cards)

Sample It! where we offer packaged kits for cash-and-carry the night before the show opens.

Team shot before opening day!

Family-style pasta night for the team. The meatballs for 1/2 lb EACH!!

A visit to Columbus can only be considered complete if you get ice cream from Jenny’s. ie: I happily crossed that off the list three times.

Fan girl moment with THE Bristol Ivy. She hugged ME! <3

All packed up and ready for home

Sadly, it just dawned on me that we didn’t get a photo with Felicia! The poor thing had her flight cancelled and re-scheduled, so she was only at TNNA for 1.75 days. Even though it was so short, it really was worth every minute – its been two years since I’ve seen her in person, since I work remotely. I savored every minute of the time I spent with my team, reconnecting, re-establishing “how” we all communicate in real life, and getting to know them all on more personal levels.

One thing that kept coming up in numerous conversations was how lucky we all are to have the jobs we have and while I have to emphasize that it took a lot (a loooot) of hard work, I very much realize how truly blessed I am to have the wonderful partners that I do with SweetGeorgia. Especially when they put up with my silly antics. Grin.

I cannot express my love of burgers enough. Wink.

I’ll be knitting on an upcoming Holiday 2017 pattern this July, as well as some personal Christmas presents. How about you?


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Tabetha Hedrick is a knitwear designer and writer raising a family just outside the Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee. As the Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, her days (and heart) are filled to the brim with knitting, art, writing, editing, planning, and finding ways to put it all together. In the midst of that fibre-filled life, you'll find her living simply in the sweet spot where creativity, discovery, parenthood, and life intertwine.

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