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July 2017 Fibre Club // Flamingo

I have to be honest, when I picked up this month’s club, my first reaction was less than excited. I will be the first to admit, I’m not a pink person. Never have been and likely never will be. It’s not a colour that I look good in and it isn’t one that I’m drawn to. However, my youngest LOVES pink and she was very very excited to see this month’s colourway, aptly named Flamingo.

As always, I love reading the stories that go along with club, and this month Felicia talks about being in San Diego for a family get away. She said that the flamingos fascinated her because they aren’t just one shade of pink but several different shades. For fibre club this month, she suggested a two ply fractal, but with the fibre split horizontally instead of vertically. This was so that the piece that was left whole would produce really long colour repeats. I love spinning fractals, because I love the way the yarn knits up afterwards. I’ve always thought that it looks like the colours are dancing together!

I split the braid in two horizontally and then I stripped one section into eight pieces vertically. This is the pile of fluff that I started spinning with.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

With Tour de Fleece on this month, I managed to get a lot of spinning done. It was great to just sit at the wheel and “meditate.” I’d decided that I wouldn’t be fussed with my ratios or what weight I was spinning for, I just wanted to spin what the fibre told me to spin. The net result of this beautiful Merino/Tussah Silk blend is a two ply sport weight that measures about 415 yards.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I love the way the pinks blend and play off of each other. Despite not being a pink person, the colours together are really lovely.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I had a small amount left on one bobbin when I finished plying, so I chain plyed it and love seeing it next to the fractal yarn. You’re really able to see how different ways of spinning results in different end results and how easy it is to manipulate it!

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

Have you dived into this month’s club? We’d love to see what you’re doing. Please head over to the Ravelry group or tag your images with #sweetgeorgiayarns or #sgyclub on Instagram, so that we can find them!

Until next time, Happy Spinning!


About Katrina

Katrina, a professional photographer by trade, has had an obsession with fibre all her life. She learned to knit and crochet as a child, but her passion was truly ignited when she learned to spin in 2014. She loves the thought that every individual who looks at a braid of fibre or runs their fingers over a skein of yarn will create their own unique functional piece of art. Something to be enjoyed for years to come. You can find her on Instagram as @craftyjaks or on Ravelry as CraftyJAKs.

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