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August 2017 Fibre Club // Moonshine

After my comments last month about not being a pink person… I was entirely delighted with the colours this month. I love the depth of the green tones and the smoky colour in the light tones. Tabetha was the creator of this month’s colourway and she did a beautiful job.

Felicia’s suggestion this month was a traditional three ply sock yarn, which is one of my favourite yarns to spin from Panda. I took my braid and split it into three even sections horizontally across the braid. Once the fibre was divided up, I could see that the colours should line up fairly evenly across the three plys. My challenge would be to actually make that happen! Here are my little nests that I started spinning from.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I used a ratio of 9:1 on my Schacht Sidekick for my singles and for plying. When I finished my singles, each of the bobbins looked fairly even, so I was hopeful my colours would line up fairly well. I was so excited as I plyed, to find that I’d managed to get my colours to line up fairly evenly across all three plies!

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

With each of the colour sections lining up so well in the plying, I’m left with a yarn that is very striped and almost looks like a gradient in the skein. However, when you open up the skein, you can see that I have big blocks of colours that replicate what was in the braid to start with.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

I have approximately 330 yards of fingering, so it’ll be plenty for a pair of socks for me… a rare treat in my world! I so often spin and knit for my kids or husband, that I’m really looking forward to something for me.

© Katrina Stewart / SweetGeorgia Yarns 2017

Have you dived into this month’s club? We’d love to see what you’re doing. Please head over to the Ravelry group or tag your images with #sweetgeorgiayarns or #sgyclub on Instagram, so that we can find them!

Oh and all you spinners out there – don’t forget, tomorrow, September 1st, is Spinzilla sign up! Spinner registration opens at 10 am EDT, so 7 am for us West Coasters. Last year, Team Sweet Georgia filled up quickly, so you’ll need to be on at opening to try and nab a spot.

Until next time, Happy Spinning!


About Katrina

Katrina, a professional photographer by trade, has had an obsession with fibre all her life. She learned to knit and crochet as a child, but her passion was truly ignited when she learned to spin in 2014. She loves the thought that every individual who looks at a braid of fibre or runs their fingers over a skein of yarn will create their own unique functional piece of art. Something to be enjoyed for years to come. You can find her on Instagram as @craftyjaks or on Ravelry as CraftyJAKs.

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