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“Firestarter” // Exclusive Spinzilla 2017 Colourway

Can you believe it’s nearly fall! That means Spinzilla, the annual spinning week of celebration and competition is nearly upon us! Do you have all your fibre ready to go? Spinning from stash? Or looking for something new to spin? Here’s what we’ve made this year…

Each year, we are excited to present an exclusive colourway for Spinzilla. This year, we are dyeing our colour “Firestarter” on three different spinning fibre bases: Silk Puff (a new one for me and my current favourite), Superwash Merino + Nylon (another favourite, perfect for sock spinning), and Superwash BFL (easy peasy spinning!).

As well, every year, we get asked to dye our Spinzilla colourway on yarn, and so this year, we are dyeing on two fingering weight bases: our long-time love Silk Crush (50% superwash merino, 50% tussah silk in a 2-ply) and also Superwash Sport (100% superwash merino).

This year’s colour is deep and rich plums, auburns, rusts, and warm reds bursting out from a background of intense warm blues. I’ve already spun one braid of Silk Puff in this colourway and looking to spin another. As always, we have limited amounts of each of these so get your fibre or yarn too before they are gone!


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