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Crocheting “Flamingo” Sock Club // July 2017

Just a few months ago, I crocheted a plate of fruits for the SweetGeorgia TNNA display. This project totally set my heart on fire again for the love of crocheting. Ever since then I was trying to find another opportunity to crochet something.

As soon as I knew Flamingo was going to be the July club yarn, my immediate reaction was: “Oh! I can crochet with this colour!” Having this colourway dyed on Flaxen Silk Fine was an asset too. I could easily find a lace pullover pattern, which I have plenty to choose from my pattern collection. Once the project was finished, I would still have the rest of the summer to wear it! What a good timing!

Crochet pullover in SweetGeorgia Flaxen Silk Fine “Flamingo” July 2017 Club Colourway

The pattern I used was from 大人が着たい旬ニット. No, I don’t read Japanese, but I can read diagrams no problem! You can find the book here on Amazon. This pattern was #5 in the book.

Crochet pullover in SweetGeorgia Flaxen Silk Fine “Flamingo” July 2017 Club Colourway

Before I started, I thought of the possibility of using one skein to finish off the project. And I did tried to shorten the pattern a little bit by starting with 227 chains instead of 277 chains. Hopefully this pullover could be done with just one skein of yarn. “It’s lace, I should be ok”, I thought.

And I thought wrong. When I was just a little over two thirds through, I ran out of yarn. I tried on the unfinished pullover to see how much more yarn I need, and sadly found that it was too short. It barely covered my chest, not even close to my waist. Ok, I need one more skein for sure.

I got another skein to finish the shortened garment, and then used the leftover to increase its length at the bottom. The pattern I used for the bottom part was a very simple net crochet, which went in rounds:

Round 1: ch5, (dc 1, ch 2) until end of rnd, sl to join on the 3rd chain at beginning

Round 2: ch1 and sc1 in the same st, ch2, (sc 1, ch 2) until end of rnd, sl to join

Repeat round 1-2 until desired length.

Round 3: sc1, ch7, (sc1 on the the 3rd sc of previous rnd, ch7) until end of rnd, sl to join

Round 4: sc9 on each of the ch7 of previous rnd, sl to join, cut yarn and lightly block

I hope you remember pleasant summer memories while creating something beautiful with Flamingo!

— Charlotte


Each month, we dye a brand new, unique colourway for our Spinning Fibre and Sock Yarn Clubs. This post is all about what we sent out to our members in July 2017.


About Charlotte Lee

Charlotte was born in Taiwan. She came to Vancouver to study at the age of 15, and graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2014. Ever since she attended a four-session crochet class in grade 9, she started her journey into the world of fibre. She is passionate in almost all kinds of fibre arts: from crocheting, knitting, to needle felting, to spinning and weaving! Initially, she was hired to be a precision dyer, but today Charlotte is the Assistant Production Manager at SweetGeorgia.

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