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Spinzilla 2017 Results

It’s the end of another year of Spinzilla and last week, we had our Team SweetGeorgia wrap-up party and spin-in. Spinners brought their handspun yarns and we did a little impromptu show-and-tell around the room. And we even got to squeeze a few yummy skeins (I have to say, I’m particularly fond of Tina’s skeins that she spun and plied on her spindle… SOOO soft and springy). Here’s a little photo recap!

We had some fabulous yardage results on our Team SweetGeorgia, including Cari Gustavson of GlowBeautyFromWithin with 9,270 yards! And also Linda Guo, who spun entirely on spindles and ended up with 4,423 yards! Finally, our team collectively spun a total of 100,367 yards which is more than we did in previous years. Looks like we came in 13th out of 70 teams! Congratulations to all our spinners and everyone for participating in the event! Here are a few of the team standings for 2017:

2017 Team Standing

  1. Team Knot Another Hat – 255,718 yards
  2. Team Louet North America – 246,910 yards
  3. Team Hand Spinning News UK – 203,980 yards
  4. Team Hilltop Cloud – 181,933 yards
  5. Team Alexandra’s Crafts – 161,671 yards
  6. Team Edgewood Garden Studio – 160,065 yards
  7. Team DMFibers’ Old-School Spinners – 133,607 yards
  8. Team Fancy Tiger – 124,647 yards
  9. Team The Woolery – 117,412 yards
  10. Team Allons-y! Fiber Arts – 115, 866 yards
  11. Team Ewe and I Spin Together – 112,256 yards
  12. Team WEBS – 104,761 yards
  13. Team SweetGeorgia – 100,367 yards (that’s us!)
  14. Team Mielke – 99,314 yards
  15. Team Koigu – 94,275 yards

Finally, I wanted to thank Katrina Stewart of CraftyJAKS for serving so beautifully as our team captain AND team photographer this year. She’s taken our team photo for four years now, and this year, she composed this amazingly awesome photo mosaic composed of headshots and handspun yarn photos to make up the image of one of Tina’s spindles. Thank you so much Katrina!

Team SweetGeorgia Photo for 2017. Photo composed by Katrina Stewart.

Team SweetGeorgia Photo for 2017. Photo composed by Katrina Stewart.

And thank you also to Charlotte at the studio who helped open and close the studio each spin-in evening, making sure that spinners had snacks and tea, and music! Thank you for joining us each night!

Finally, here is my own personal Spinzilla total. A mere 1,090 yards this year. It includes one full spun and plied skein of Panda, and two bobbins-worth of Silk Puff ready for plying.

I hope you all enjoyed your Spinzilla and a chance to indulge in this beautifully meditative and relaxing practice. I love this dedicated time each year when we get to sit, spin, chat, and feel restored. How was your Spinzilla?


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