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Taking Back Friday: Episode 1 // A Vlog and Knit City 2017 Recap

So, late August 2016, I wrote a blog post about wanting to make things and being frustrated with not being able to make progress on any of those things because I was so immersed in work and family. There was no more time or space for myself. And now, over a year later, I’ve discovered that despite wanting to carve out a bit of Friday to have time to myself, I just… haven’t done it. I feel like, before I know it, the years will have gone by and all I will have done is talk about the things I want to make, rather than spending the actual time making them.

There IS time to make things, but I have to make a commitment to dedicating that time to it. And so, this new vlog series is about my commitment to spending the time and having progress to show for it. It’s also about giving myself the opportunity to learn more about making videos and learning new fibre arts techniques so that I can provide better and better content for the School of SweetGeorgia.

Finally, I end with a 15-minute whirlwind recap of Knit City and the fabulous knitters, customers, designers, and makers that I happened to chat with. I was so inspired by all of you and left with only MORE project ideas in my head. If you want to skip ahead to the Knit City recap, it’s around the 35-minute mark, I think.

This is the first non-Patreon vlog I’ve recorded and, I gotta be honest, it was really really scary for me. So scary, that I actually recorded this “Episode #1” SIX times since January of this year. I’ve been wanting to connect with you guys in this way for some time now and it’s taken me elevent months to work up the courage to “hit publish”.

If you like the episode, I hope you’ll hit like and subscribe on our YouTube channel. We have much more to come in 2018!


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