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Introducing “Make & Hue” // our SweetGeorgia blog and website, re-invented

Make & Hue // 001 Colour // cover image. Woman with hand-dyed yarns in her arms.

I hope the year has started off with a bang for you! It has for us! Every year, at the end of the year, I spend a lot of time reviewing, thinking, and planning for the new year. And for 2018, we have several new adventures coming our way. This is just the first.

Make & Hue // 001 Colour // cover

Make & Hue // 001 Colour // cover

It’s been almost 14 years since I started writing the SweetGeorgia blog. In that time, technology has changed and the landscape of blogging has evolved as well. And while many knit bloggers are leaving the blog scene for various reasons, one of my goals for 2018 is to make our blog better, more valuable, and more useful to our community of knitters, spinners, weavers, and more. As we brainstormed about how to make the changes we wanted to see, we decided to focus our writing around themes in our fibre arts. Those themes might be things like texture and cables in knitting, contemporary lace, charity crafting, and more… but our first theme is, of course, colour.

We’re calling these issues “Make & Hue” (a reference to my beloved volume of Childcraft encyclopedias called “Make and do”) and we’re initially planning on releasing them quarterly. You’ll see, all the content is available right now on our website in the new “Make & Hue” section. AND, you can also download all the articles as a PDF magazine to read offline at your own pace »

In these pages, I hope you’ll find inspiration about knitting, spinning, and making things with colourful yarn and fibre. I hope it sparks a bit of magic for your own creativity. With each issue, we’ll dive in and focus more deeply and thoroughly on a fibre arts and crafts theme that we’re intrigued by.

SweetGeorgia Website  // a new start

Make & Hue is just one of the first re-inventions of 2018 for SweetGeorgia. The second is the start of our brand new website. Tada… we hope you like it.

We’ve focused on trying to make it easier to find products and yarns in the shop, especially knitting patterns as they have begun to proliferate and take over the website. Now it’s really easy to filter and find exactly the pattern you need, based on criteria like yarn weight, yarn base, knitting technique, project type, and more.

As well, we’re setting the groundwork to improve our yarn pages too. We realize that having 180 options in a drop-down menu is extraordinarily challenging both on a desktop as well as on a mobile device, so we have changes planned to resolve that.

The website will be updated over phases so that we can manage and troubleshoot any issues that come out of each update. So, we appreciate your patience as we make our updates over the coming weeks and months. We promise, we’re making changes that will be worth it!

Wishing you many colourful adventures this year!


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