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Does this colour look good on me? Personal Colour Analysis

Spend enough time with me and you might discover that I’m pretty passionate about colour. Growing up reading my mother’s copy of Color Me Beautiful when I was in elementary school ingrained in me the idea that colour is more than something to look at — it can make you feel something about yourself. Perhaps, it could even make you feel beautiful. And who doesn’t want to feel that?

The Color Me Beautiful method of finding flattering colours to wear is fundamentally based on colour theory.

From colour theory, we know that colours interact with each other to either subdue each other (like analogous colours that are all close to each other on the colour wheel) or intensify each other (like complementary colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel). The same applies to the colours we wear. Certain colours can intensify the undertones in our skin tone make our skin tone look more pale or uneven while other colours can make our skin glow and look healthy. This process of finding the best colours of clothing and cosmetics to match your personal skin tone, hair, and eye colour is called personal colour analysis.

The most well-known method for finding your personal colours is seasonal colour analysis, which places individuals into four general categories: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn based on their overall colouring. Which one are you? Try our short-hand flowchart here to find your best palette.

Seasonal Colour Analysis Flowchart

Seasonal Colour Palettes

These are quick palettes built from selections of our hand-dyed colourways. Find your favourite colours online in our shop.


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