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Joji Locatelli’s Fading Point Shawl KAL + SweetGeorgia’s Hand-Picked Yarn Sets

We are excited for knitwear designer Joji Locatelli to release her new Knit-Along shawl pattern, Fading Point, tomorrow! We’ve put together some colour palette suggestions for Joji’s Fading Point! The pattern has the same shape and size as the Starting Point (Joji’s MKAL from last year), but it alternates bands of faded colours and lace.

Some notes about the shawl: You will need 5 skeins of at least 400 yards for each colour. The total approximate yardage is 2000 yards (1829 m) so it is a BIG wrap and there will be lots of knitting! Just a note that the Fading Point pattern is sold separately and not included with the purchase of our yarns. Finally, due to popular demand, Joji will be hosting a Fading Point Knit-A-Long in her Ravelry group. The pattern will be released on April 12 at 11pm (Paris time).


DOCKSIDE // Nightwatch (purple), Lupine, Bluebird, Fizzy Water, Summer Skin (light blue)

STORM CROW // This set uses the colourway Windswept as a gradient, starting with a dark Windswept fading to a light Windswept.

ALIBI ROOM // This set uses the colourway Anthem as a gradient, starting with a dark version of Anthem fading to a light version of Anthem.

PALM SPRINGS // Clementine, Grapefruit, Apricot, Birch and Rainbow Sprinkles

FOGGY DEW // Mulberry, Anthem, Magician, Watershed and Stealth Mode

ICE CREAM SOCIAL // Lollipop, Orchid, Raspberry Swirl, Peony, Candy Floss

It’s hard to know what the full shawl will look like, but from what I’ve heard the construction is similar to last year’s Starting Point MKAL stole. Here’s the sneak peek photo that we saw of this new shawl:

Fading Point sneak peek photo from Joji!

Fading Point sneak peek photo from Joji!

We’re looking forward to casting on for this tomorrow! What colours will you pick?! Choose your own? Or pick a pre-made palette!? Get ready to cast on! If you haven’t joined us on the SweetGeorgia Spring Knit-Along, you could even knit the Fading Point shawl as your entry!


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