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Top Tips on Blocking Lace

There’s a lovely magic to knitting lace, although it might not be easily apparent when a project first comes off the needles. Don’t be discouraged at how your knitting might look like one of those curly, kitchen pot scrubbers! The magic of lace really happens with blocking, so here’s our top tips to make your project shine.

1. Wash your project. We recommend Soak, a gentle, rinse-free formula that will get your project clean without any agitation. Put a small capful in a basic with cool water and let your project soak for 20-30 minutes.

2. Holding it from underneath, gently lift your project out of it’s bath while squeezing the water out. Do not wring! Roll your project loosely in a towel to squeeze even more water out.

3. Using blocking mats or a large, clean space (a spare room bed or carpeted floor where no one will be walking are great alternatives), layout your project in it’s finished shape. Use blocking wires and/or pins to help pull the project out as wide as it will go on all sides. As you do, you’ll see the lace pattern open up like magic!

4. When you’re satisfied with how your project has been opened up, pin it in place. You might also want to individually pin out any points or picot edging details on a shawl.

5. Let your project air dry overnight. Carefully remove all the pins and enjoy all the attention you get from your lovely new lace knitting! &


About Allison Thistlewood

Allison is a Canadian expat with a passion for knitting and the fibre arts. Located in London, she's thrilled to be introducing SweetGeorgia Yarns to yarn shops around the UK and the EU. Allison also freelances in marketing and communications for the knitting community at large and is one of the co-organisers of Yarn in the City, a London-based knitting-centric events company. Yarn in the City organises the annual Great London Yarn Crawl.

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