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What’s in the box? // Advent Calendar 2018

Want a sneak peek inside the Advent Calendar box?! In this week’s episode, we’re talking about the Tullameen MKAL (with SPOILERS!!!), the new Strickmich Knitting Planner 2019, and the SweetGeorgia Advent Calendar. I give you all the details about how we’ll roll out this Advent calendar starting next week. We start with everyone who has signed up for our Advent Calendar notification list here and then open it up to everyone at the end of September.

Watch the video here »

Thank you to Tabetha for designing the shawl, thank you to Teresa for producing the box and inside boxes, and thank you to our entire team at SweetGeorgia who have been making mini-skeins for the better part of a year!

Also, in this episode, we are doing a giveaway for the new Strickmich Knitting Planner 2019 and if you’d like to join, just pop your info in below:


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