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Going on a Crafty Retreat

Lake Delavan, WI for Interweave SOAR 2010

You know it’s a good weekend when you go away with your friends AND your instant pot, Cherry Matchless, and brand new rigid heddle loom!! 😍 OH YES, in today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I talk about going on a little DIY fibre arts retreat with @iriaml @jessica.jas @craftyjaks @veganyarn and @welfordpurls. Thank you ladies so much for making this magical moment of time happen!! Being on this retreat reminded me of all the other knitting and spinning retreats I’ve attended in the past years… and I wonder, what would YOUR perfect craft retreat be like?

Tell me all about it… how many people? what would you do? what classes would you want to take? or would you just want to spend the weekend sitting by the fireplace with your spinning wheel? 💖

Watch this week’s episode of Taking Back Friday here »


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