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On Lever Knitting with Martha Stewart, a way to knit faster

Lever knitting, knitting style

Over the years, I’ve discovered the knitters are MOST fascinated with ways that we can knit faster. Even if our desire is for slow cloth, mindful meditation, and savouring the making process, I still find that the idea of knitting faster piques our collective interest.

You can read more about one technique that is often cited as a way to knit faster, and that is Lever Knitting. Most recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for Martha Stewart’s website about how I learned to knit with the lever knitting style and how you too can try this technique.

Much of what I learned about lever knitting came from Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s workshop “Knitting for Speed and Efficiency” and I wrote about it here. I have also talked about knitting styles and knitting speed here in this episode of Taking Back Friday.

But check out the new article on Martha Stewart since it just highlights how interested knitters are in knitting faster and more efficiently.


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