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How to Knit Faster with Lever Knitting

Let’s look at Lever Knitting, a little closer and a little more in-depth. In today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I show you how I learned to knit with the Lever Knitting style, how to do it, and why it might help you knit faster.

In these demonstrations, I show you how I knit with the lever style with both long straight needles held under the arm as well as circular knitting needles. I also show tensioning the yarn in two different ways in my right hand. And finally, I demonstrate how crazy easy it is to knit 1×1 ribbing with this technique.

If you give these techniques a try, just know that it will feel a little awkward at first. But just give yourself time to practice and you’ll definitely start to feel comfortable in a couple of weeks, if not a couple of knitting sessions!

Join me for today’s video »


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2 thoughts on “How to Knit Faster with Lever Knitting

  1. Laurie Srebnick says:

    Hi, Thank you for your video tutorials!
    I was watching your lever knitting tutorial and I’m curious what type of needles are you using? They look like they slide very easily, even though they’re wood.
    I’m new to knitting and have taught myself continental knitting. I’ve been using straight and circular needles. So far I made 1 hat and I’m in the process of making another hat on circular needles and a scarf on straight needles.

    Thank you so much!
    All the Best and Stay Safe

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Laurie! Those needles for the demo were plain old bamboo needles from Clover Takumi. That’s fantastic that you’ve taught yourself continental knitting! I switch back and forth between different styles sometimes and love knitting continental for long sections of stockinette in the round :)

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