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Weaving for Free

You guys already know that I love weaving. But how do you know if YOU might like weaving too?

It seems like there are tons of barriers to dipping your toe in the waters of weaving, but I just want to take a few minutes today to give you the simplest and easiest possible test to see if weaving might be something you might enjoy too.

I don’t believe in silos of fibre arts. Instead, I truly believe in the full spectrum and cycle of creating cloth. Learning how to knit can lead into learning how to spin yarn or dye yarn. It can also lead to learning about fibre and wool processing. And for me, it most definitely led to learning how to interlace yarns to make handwoven cloth. Each one bleeds into the other, purposefully.

If you’ve ever been interested in trying a little weaving, just know that you don’t need hardly anything to start with. Just a healthy dose of curiosity. Join me in today’s episode of Taking Back Friday where I talk about getting started in weaving with absolutely zero investment.


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