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Shifting Gears // dyeing in the sunshine

Dyeing yarn outside

It’s been getting warmer and sunnier here in Vancouver… and that just means one thing… that it’s going to be unbearably hot in the attic very, very soon. Each year around mid-May, I’m reminded about how the change in seasons suggests a change in the crafts that we pursue. In the summer months, the very last thing I want to be doing is to be sitting in a sweltering attic at the floor looms, trying to weave a wool and mohair blanket. No, instead, my preference is to be outside in the backyard, watching the kids play in the sandbox while I work away at something… maybe that will be dyeing in the backyard, or sitting with my spinning wheel or rigid heddle loom on a stand. When the seasons change, do you feel the itch to switch gears and shift to another craft?

Watch this week’s episode here »

Also, I may have mentioned that I’m putting together some ideas around how to resolve our challenges around not having enough time, money, or knowledge to do all the crafts we want to do. You can find my “Multicraftual Mindset” survey here, if you’d like to help me out with some of your thoughts »


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