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Are we meant to be monogamous knitters?

Taking Back Friday vlog, episode 79

This past weekend, my family joined a group of our friends on a big kid-friendly camping trip and I brought along the one and only knitting project that I have been committed to knitting on. I’m working on the Hitofude cardigan in our Bulletproof Sock yarn and it’s pretty much allover lace. As it so happens, knitting allover lace is not ideal when you’re knitting after dark, by the light of the campfire. Instead, it would have been ideal to knit a stockinette sweater body in the round while sitting by the fire… So it made me stop and re-think my recent conversion to being a monogamous knitter. Perhaps there are contexts and times when a different knitting project is more suitable. How about you? Are you a monogamous knitter? Or do you always have multiple projects on the go?

So in today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, you can help me pick which garment I should knit next using our soon-to-be-released BFL+Silk DK yarn.

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