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Introducing the SweetGeorgia Ambassadors

In today’s show, Felicia introduces the new SweetGeorgia Ambassadors that we will be working with for the coming year!

Today is a special day because we are going to be introducing you to the fabulous knitters and fibre artists that our team at SweetGeorgia has selected to be our first ever brand ambassadors. If you recall, back in June, I talked about creating a program where we could support and encourage some of the incredibly talented knitters, spinners, weavers, and makers in our community. And so we opened up to receive submissions from people in our craft community who wanted to apply to become SweetGeorgia brand ambassadors. Now, we received tons of applications and it took us several days to read through them all. There were about seven of us at the SweetGeorgia studio who were helping to select ambassadors and we made our decisions together as a group. We chased down everybody’s social media feeds and watched YouTube vlogs, read blog posts, and had a lot of internal conversations about this. It was absolutely NOT easy to pick and choose. Everyone who applied was awesome and special, but we just couldn’t pick everybody. In the end, you’ll see that we wanted to assemble a group of makers who are diverse in a multitude of ways. Besides being from different parts of the world, some of our ambassadors are practicing their craft professionally while others are doing it as a hobby. Some focus entirely on knitting while others are multicraftual and juggling knitting with crochet, spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Some have been doing their craft for many many years and others are near the start of their journey.

Finally, we selected 10 people as this first-ever group of ambassadors. Two of them work together as a team, so there’s really 9 parties, but you get the idea.

So now, I’d like to introduce you to our ambassadors so that you get a chance to know them a little bit here and then go out into the world and discover more about what they do.

So there you have it! Those are our lovely new brand ambassadors, heading off into the world to play with our new yarns very soon. I hope that you’ll look them up and follow them to see what they make and do with our yarns in the coming months. Each and every ambassador is inspiring and unique in their own way and we are very excited to work with each of them. So thank you to everyone who applied and I am sorry we couldn’t pick everyone, but I appreciate how much interest and enthusiasm there was for this project.

Please see today’s livestream episode to learn more about these inspiring makers »


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