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Making a Warping Trapeze for Weaving

Felicia Lo using a warping trapeze to beam a warp on the Louet Spring Loom

One of the things that holds me back from warping my big loom a little quicker is generally not having an extra set of hands to help hold onto the warp while I crank the back beam and wind the warp on. Now, I’ve always imagined that building a warping trapeze would be the magical thing that would help me beam my warps effortlessly. So in today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I talk about how I decided to construct my warping trapeze and show you how it works.

It’s as simple as two pieces of wood and a copper pipe! All available at your local hardware store. And it’s been essential for helping me beam the warp with good tension onto my looms entirely by myself.

Cotton Warp on the Louet Spring Loom

Cotton Warp on the Louet Spring Loom

Cotton Warp on the Louet Spring Loom

Cotton Warp on the Louet Spring Loom

If you have ever wanted to get your loom warped with beautifully even tension and all by yourself… then we should talk. I’m all about the warping trapeze now.

Join me for today’s video!

Curious about different ways of warping your weaving loom? We have created a number of video-based weaving courses that are all available at the School of SweetGeorgia here. The loom I’m showing here is the Louet Spring 110 Loom but we carry and work with a number of different weaving loom manufacturers including Leclerc, Schacht, Ashford, and Louet. You can see all our weaving looms in the shop.

If you’re looking for knitting content… I’m in a holding pattern, knitting on my Hitofude cardigan super super slowly while waiting for our Mystery Knit-Along to begin on August 27


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