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Swatched // a docu-series for the knitting and crochet community

Swatched docu-series

There’s no Taking Back Friday vlog today because… I want you to watch this instead. If you watch one video today, please make it this one: SWATCHED

This short 8-minute video is a proof of concept featuring Angela Tong, a fibre arts designer from New Jersey. The dream is to make Cereal Made’s Swatched into a full ongoing docu-series on Netflix that will challenge the stereotypes that come to mind when you hear the words “knit and crochet”. The series will focus on people who develop patterns, inspire trends, and inform fashion in the knitting and crochet community. ⁠

Sharing our uniquely creative lives and stories helps us learn, understand, and empathize with knitters, crocheters, and makers from all corners of our craft community. ⁠

We are proud to sponsor (together with The Knitters Planner) the making of this proof of concept video and hope it becomes an ongoing series!⁠

So… we invite you to please watch the video and give it a ❤️to show your support!! Thank you!!!⁠


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