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Epic Cloth Mistakes + Making Nine: Project Planning for 2020

Epic Cloth, Epic Mistake

As I get closer and closer to finishing my Epic Cloth Challenge for 2019, I’m looking forward to planning projects for 2020. In today’s video, I talk about the mistakes that I’ve made in my Epic Cloth project so far and how I’m continuing to troubleshoot and refine my cloth. It’s like I’m making a giant sample for the next piece of cloth and that’s just fine with me.

Now, in the past few weeks and months, I’ve been talking more and more about this “Make Your Best Nine” idea since Tabetha and I have been tossing this idea around all year. Finally, as we approach the close of this year and head into 2020, I have been thinking a lot about what I what to make next year and how it centres around what skills and techniques I would like to learn as well as what pieces would be most useful and intentional for me to make. Right now I have a few ideas, but I’m wondering, what are you planning to make in 2020? Any big plans? Many little plans? I’d love to hear about it.

And if you’d like to join us in our “Make Your Best Nine” challenge for 2020 in the School, now is a perfect time to join us. You can get a $20 discount off your Annual All-Access subscription to the School of SweetGeorgia until December 3, 2019 with the coupon code BFCM2019!

Watch today’s Taking Back Friday and let’s talk about new project ideas for 2020 »


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