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Bring on the Brioche

Beginning of the Camella brioche hat, designed by Katrin Schubert

So last week, I showed you my Make 9… that is the 9 projects that I want to work on for this year. And you’ll never guess… I already have some changes to the list… so in today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I’m talking about what I’m adding to the list.

Literally within 90 minutes of the video launching, the SweetGeorgia team was on Slack talking about the new brioche shawl pattern that Andrea Mowry just released called Satellite. I happened to mention that I had been reading through the SweetGeorgia survey results and the number one thing that our audience wanted to learn this year was…. Brioche. And so, within minutes, the girls at the SweetGeorgia team decided that they wanted to do a brioche knit-along.

Bring on the Brioche!

Charlotte is knitting the Satellite shawl by Andrea Mowry, Brigid is knitting the Baubles shawl by Andrea Mowry, Teresa is knitting the Under the Sky shawl by Luisa Puccini, Tabetha is knitting the Willow Moon cowl by Saysha Greene, and me… well, I’m going to knit that Camella hat.

This very casual knit along is open to everyone! If you want to learn brioche this year, feel free to choose a brioche project and join us! There are no rules about yarns or patterns, no deadlines, and no obligations… just learning and fun. If you like, we’ll post weekly progress pics with the hashtag #sweetgeorgiabriochealong. If you don’t know how to get started with brioche, please feel free to visit this tutorial video here and you might find it helpful.

Let us know if brioche has been on your mind? Join us if you would like to learn some more. I’ll be making videos about what I’m doing as I go!

Also in addition to Instagram, we’re happy to host the conversation and community for the Brioche-Along in the School of SweetGeorgia. All you need to be is a free member of the School and you can join the “Brioche-Along” Club that we’ve just created here.


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5 thoughts on “Bring on the Brioche

  1. I love brioche. There aren’t enough patterns available, but I’ll pick one and join you for the brioche knit-along

  2. Julie Daniel says:

    I just learned brioche and absolutely love it. Working on Andrew Mowry’s Ramble right now and just finished my Susui Shrug and have another ready to go.

  3. Mo says:

    Love your demo video! Thanks for not knitting continental :D

  4. Natalie aka @fridayschild11 on Instagram says:

    I recall before the years end someone on Instagram asked their followers what new skill they wanted to learn. I replied brioche. I almost cast on for Gritty Knits Sprankers MKAL. It’s an easy one color flat knit shawl. Maybe I will join you.

  5. Kimberley Barrett says:

    Thank you so much Felicia for the great video tutorial on how to get started with brioche knitting. I tried several times and was unsuccessful until now. Your tutorial explains it so clearly and I can now see what’s happening with each stitch and more importantly, understand how to read my knitting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

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