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Planning My Make 9

Felicia's Make Nine Challenge plans for 2020

In an effort to make things with more intention this year, I decided to use Tabetha’s new workshop “Plan Your Best Nine” on the School of SweetGeorgia to help me organize my thoughts and ideas for the projects I want to make this year.

In today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I share a bit of detail about each of the projects that I want to accomplish and consider how it might help improve my skills in weaving, knitting, spinning, and sewing. Underlying all of this is the understanding that everything I’m making is from hand-dyed yarns or fibres so I’ll also be developing my dyeing ideas too.

Here’s my proposed Make 9:

Felicia's Best Nine 2020

Felicia’s Best Nine 2020

From top to bottom, left to right, here are the details:

  1. Gradient Sock Blank Scarf: I’m planning on filming some content around how to make a scarf like this. It’s very simply woven in plain weave using two gradient-dyed sock blanks. This scarf is one of my most favourite pieces and I’m looking forward to weaving more like this.
  2. Meet & Separate Table Runner: my dining table needs a splash of colour. Inspired by Janna Maria Vallee’s Tapestry Weaving workshop on the School of SweetGeorgia, I’ve been talking about this tapestry-based table runner for a while. This year, I’m going to get the looms organized so I can do it!
  3. Krokbragd Rug: in one of my recent vlogs I talked about wanting to make rugs in 2020. I’ve been super inspired by everything that Angie Parker Textiles is doing and I’m excited to learn this Scandinavian weft-faced rug weaving technique.
  4. Spin to Knit Socks: Inspired by Rachel Smith’s Spin to Knit Socks workshop on the School, I’ve been wanting to try one of the yarn structures that she demonstrates… possibly crepe yarn. It seems like a beautiful way to make a strong sock yarn. My aim is to spin the fibre ahead of October and then knit the yarn into socks during the upcoming SweetGeorgia Socktober challenge.
  5. The Shift Cowl: planning to spin my own yarns to knit this design by Andrea Mowry
  6. The Sailing Sweater: designed by Beckie Paul, I’m currently knitting this in the SweetGeorgia Mohair Silk DK in Arbutus. It’s almost finished!
  7. Osaka Skirt: from Seamwork.com, I’m hoping to weave my own cloth for sewing into this skirt
  8. Aberdeen Top: also from Seamwork.com. It’s a great batwing/dolman silhouette and perfect for wearing with the Osaka skirt!
  9. The Throwback Cardigan: designed by Andrea Mowry, I’m interested in the challenge that this sweater presents… either I can learn to knit stranded colourwork flat OR I could convert the pattern to knit it in the round and then steek it to make it into a cardigan… either that, or I just knit The Weekender sweater.

In today’s video I also talk a bit about my favourite colour themes of the year… including my current obsession with rusty oranges and deep teals. “Orange & Teal” is a colour concept that is used in video and filmmaking — the idea being that blues and teals being on the opposite side of the colour wheel to oranges and golds will help drive each colour to appear even more vibrant and saturated. Check out my favourite palette here…

orange & teal colour palette

orange & teal colour palette


There you have it, my proposed Make 9 for 2020. Feel free to keep me accountable to these plans! Let me know if you’re planning to join the Make 9 challenge as well. If you would like to join the challenge and get Tabetha’s fabulous PDF workbook to lead you through all the steps, please join us in the Plan Your Make Nine workshop!


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