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How to: Mattress Stitch Seaming for Garter Stitch

Matress stitch seaming using hand-dyed yarn

It’s been a lot of fun sharing steps along the way as Felicia has been knitting her Sailing Sweater project (design by Beckie Paul). And now that the blocking is finished and the pieces are dry (click here for the wet blocking tutorial), it’s time for Felicia to seam together both knitted pieces using the mattress stitch as called for in the pattern.

In today’s tiny tutorial video, Felicia shows you how to work the mattress stitch over two garter stitch edges. The mattress stitch seam is used to join the two halves of the project to form the finished sweater shape. This stitch is worked a bit differently from how you would seam together two stockinette pieces, so we’ve put together this short video to help show how it was done!

Click here to watch the full tiny tutorial! It is also available for quick reference in our IGTV channel, or for our School of SweetGeorgia members, it can be viewed among the tutorials on the SOS site!

The yarn used in this project is our SweetGeorgia Mohair Silk DK in Arbutus.

We hope you like this video and that it might help when sewing together your own knitting projects. We would also love to hear from you if there are any other tutorials you’d like to see!


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