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Knitting with the ChiaoGoo SPIN Tip Needle Set

ChiaoGoo SPIN Tip interchangeable set

Today our Taking Back Friday vlog episode is for knitters, or anyone interested in knitting needles. Over the past couple of years I have converted to using ChiaoGoo needles, and I want to share with you how this came about…

Around this time in March, SweetGeorgia would normally travel to the h+h Cologne trade show in Germany. About a week or so prior though, they decided to postpone this year’s show because of Covid-19 travel advisories. This was of course perfectly understandable, but at the same time quite sad. One of the great joys of going to this show has been my opportunity to connect and chat with the owners of ChiaoGoo.

I remember the exact moment my interest was piqued and I went down the path of trying ChiaoGoo knitting needles. It was at a Knit Social retreat in Whistler where I taught a Colour Play class, and one of the students asked if I’ve tried them. At the time I wasn’t very interested in interchangeable needles as I had earlier frustrations with needles that unscrewed themselves and stitches would fall off. But the student let me know I should give ChiaoGoo a try. So, I went and got myself a set of the ChiaoGoo TWIST Interchangeable needles. And I loved them! It allowed me to completely redo my needle stash and donate tons of duplicate needles.

In today’s vlog, I show a closer look at this stainless steel needle set. But in celebration of their 15 year anniversary, I wanted to venture down the path of trying their bamboo needles as this is what ChiaoGoo originally started making.

Click here to watch today’s Taking Back Friday vlog where I unbox ChiaoGoo’s SPIN Tip bamboo interchangeable set. I also skip to how I’ve been enjoying working with these needles as I knit my current project, The Throwback by Andrea Mowry, using our Superwash Worsted yarn.

Also, don’t miss entering our vlog giveaway for a chance to win your own set of the ChiaoGoo SPIN Tip Bamboo needles. (Edited: this giveaway is now closed, thanks!)



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