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Unboxing the Electric Eel Nano E-Spinner!

SweetGeorgia exclusive colourway Tofino Roadtrip Targhee spinning fibre

In our last week’s Taking Back Friday episode, I shared how I haven’t worked on much knitting lately, but have instead been doing a lot of spinning. In the evenings, I zone out and spin on my Ashford e-Spinner 3 that I spoke about a few months ago. It’s great. I roll it around on my trusty Ikea cart and have recently been testing a new fibre base for our website.

But before we go further, I want to add a preface to today’s Taking Back Friday episode…

Working around current restrictions

In today’s video, we will be unboxing a new Nano e-Spinner which we were going to use in the filming of a new e-Spinning course for the School of SweetGeorgia (SOS) site. This filming was originally scheduled to take place at the end of this month, but due to travel restrictions, it was postponed to ensure the safety and health of our instructor. This course has been something our SOS members have been asking about for some time, and we look forward to bringing it to you at a later time this year.

Along with the many postponements and cancellations taking place globally right now, we have taken similar steps to ensure we are doing all we can throughout this time. Our studio knit nights have been closed at the studio, and we will be hosting virtual gatherings instead. During times of feeling anxious or uncertain, these are times when we want to connect with other people to make it through these situations. But of course with the need to be separate, it can make this all the more difficult.

We are trying to find ways we can effectively connect with people in ways that are supportive to our community. If you feel like you are in need of finding like-minded people who you can share your experiences with, then I encourage you to seek us out. Reach out to us in social media, through our School of SweetGeorgia – anywhere. We are listening and would love to hear about how we can help support you through these difficult times. We have recently started our Spring Make-Along and are running discussions in the SOS community club. I encourage you to join us there as well!

Beginning Spinning

When talking about how to begin spinning, in the most very basic way, this can be done with a spindle. It would be the most economical way. But when you want to go a bit further, it sometimes feels like the next step would be to invest in a wheel. This price gap of equipment can sometimes result in the difference between playing with spinning, to becoming a spinner. This is where the Nano comes in.

The reason I looked into this particular Electric Eel Wheel Nano by Dreaming Robots is because of it’s low cost. And in today’s video, I will unbox the spinner, set it up and show you how it works! We were not sponsored at all by them… we bought this machine so we could use it for our later-to-come course on spinning with an e-spinner. Until then, if you would like to learn more about spinning, check out our other excellent spinning courses available on the SOS site.

Click here to watch today’s Taking Back Friday vlog episode, and also leave a comment to let me know what you might want to learn about e-spinning.

If you are interested in the Targhee fibre shown on today’s video, visit our Spring Exclusive Colourways page here.

I encourage you to take care of yourself, take care of your families, take care of your community. Do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. If you are looking for people to connect with, people who love what you love to do, feel free to reach out to us. We are here.

Take care.


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