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Cherry Blossoms, Sock Blanks, and Gauge

Custom SweetGeorgia Akerworks Swatch Gauge

Despite everything that’s going on in the world right now, I’m very thankful about one fantastic thing that’s happening in Vancouver right now, and that is that spring is here! Time marches on, seasons keep coming and spring is here.

Spring in Vancouver is really, really lovely – the air is fresh, there’s sunshine outside, it feels just wonderful. Spring in Vancouver brings a few things to mind that I want to talk about today. First is spring cleaning, second is cherry blossoms and new sock blanks which we’ll talk about today, and the last thing is new sweaters.

Click here to watch today’s Taking Back Friday vlog episode to hear all about the new things that have sprouted this spring.


Also, to help with finding everything discussed in today’s video, here are links for easy searching…

Thank you so much for joining us at this space where we come every Friday to talk about fibre arts. I’m very grateful for this supportive community. If you are out there and in need of people to chat with, be sure to connect with us! We have our virtual meet-ups continuing as part of our Spring Make-along – more information can be found here.


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2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms, Sock Blanks, and Gauge

  1. Annie says:

    Those blanks are beautiful. Are they double, though? Because if not then you would have mismatched socks, right?

    1. Felicia Lo says:

      Thanks for your message! They are single sock blanks… you would have fraternal (mismatched) socks, if you knit this sock blank into socks. But we have been using these sock blanks for shawls and other projects!

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