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Keeping Calm and Crafting On

SweetGeorgia Sock Blank handwoven into scarf, woven on a floor loom

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been feeling like keeping my hands busy by doing a lot of crafting. At the same time, not a lot of complicated crafting, just keeping things really simple. Today I want to share with you some of the things that me and my family have been working on to keep our hands busy. To keep them crafting and playing with yarn, but doing it in a way that is very soothing to the soul.

Join me at today’s vlog episode where I share with you crafting projects that have helped in keeping my kids calm. I also share an update on the knitting of my Throwback cardigan and a new project that I been keeping my hands busy with – weaving simple sock blank scarves. These handwoven scarves are so simple and so fun.

I want to continue making things and stay creative. To play with colour and the variations in colour. Right now the scarf that’s on the loom is all golden and sunshine colours and I just love it. I think that all I need right now is to look at the colours and enjoy the colours. Throw the shuttle very repetitively, or knit on my sweater very repetitively, very simply, and just enjoy that peace and calm right now.

I would love to hear from you and about any strategies you have for what you’re doing during this situation. Have you been making a lot of complicated projects? Do you feel like you have time to finally focus on a lot of things that you’ve been wanting to do, or are you working on simple and easy projects? Stitch by stitch, enjoying some quiet time where we can all make things together. Please stay healthy and calm and enjoy your colour and craft.




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