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Knitting (and Weaving) Gradients

Hand-Dyed SweetGeorgia Sock Blank used as weft

It’s all about the joy of knitting and weaving gradients today… let’s ombré all the things! I must say, rainbows and gradients are bringing significant joy to my life right now.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been filming nearly every day so that I could create the content for the new Handwoven Colour workshop all about weaving sock blank scarves. It totalled almost 5 hours of video footage spread over 240 videos and there’s so much I wish I could show you!

Handwoven Scarf using hand-dyed sock blanks

Handwoven Scarf using hand-dyed sock blanks. This one is Old Flame and Wanderlust together.

All five handwoven sock blank scarves

All five handwoven sock blank scarves

Everything has been about gradients and ombré… so much so that it’s infiltrated my knitting plans. In today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I talk about modifying the Chauncey sweater design by Isabell Kramer so that I can use a gradient Party of Five. As well, I share about the new Mini Colour Fade sets that we’ve made. And I do a little preview of the scarves that I wove for the workshop.



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